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September 16, 2014
 Sky Rocket Inv Ltd
payouts: 103-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$25,000

September 15, 2014
 Invest Per Hour
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Avirel Funds
payouts: 6.66-8.66% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 Super Fx
payouts: 102.2-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Popular Finance House Int
payouts: 1.1-25% daily!
min-max: $20-$1,000,000

September 14, 2014
 Altus Finance
payouts: 104-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$30,000

 Dubai Trades
payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

September 13, 2014
payouts: 103-120 after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$30,000

 Gepard Alliance Ltd
payouts: 0.35% daily!
min-max: $10-$50,000

 Art - Prestige
payouts: 1% daily!
min-max: $10-$10,000

September 12, 2014
 Expert Profit
payouts: 103-127% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 11, 2014
 Gun Invest Ltd
payouts: 102.5-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 10, 2014
 AVS Investments Ltd
payouts: 1.5-2% daily!
min-max: $5-$250,000

 Oculus TF
payouts: 1-7% daily!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 UK Finance
payouts: 3-4% daily!
min-max: $5-$10,000

 Clever Inv
payouts: 22-38% daily for 5 days!
min-max: $10-$10,000

September 09, 2014
 Euro Forex Team Ltd
payouts: 103-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$100,000

 Online Market Fund
payouts: 18-22% daily!
min-max: $1-$30,000

September 08, 2014
 Earn Money Hourly
payouts: 102% after 1 hour!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Global Reserve Fund
payouts: 105-125% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$25,000

 Energy Profit
payouts: 103-122% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$10,000

 Oil Bitcoin
payouts: 103-110% after 1 day!
min-max: $5-$100,000

 FI Finances Ltd
payouts: 102.5-130% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

September 04, 2014
 Capital Revenue
payouts: 105% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$80,000

September 03, 2014
 Endow Income
payouts: 104-120% after 1 day!
min-max: $10-$50,000

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July 30, 2009 | Thursday

Have you seen Field Of Gold HYIP? According to the information on their main page, their funds are invested into high growth securities on all major stock markets of the world. They also trade actively on the Forex market.

Now this program is situated in our Blacklist, because the admin doesn't pay within the last days. Today I found an email from FoG's admin (he sent it to all their members probably) with an offer to buy the site and a small explanation of why he sell it which is really amazing. So I have to quote his email:

"This program shouldnt stop in this times
and i know BUT script owner use API and transfer $213
check this
7/18/2009 12:03 17447399 U7579588 (theti) - $213.00 $0.00 $0.48

and user info NOW my API is blocked and LR = $0.43

Site go down any body want to buy site I'm ready i lose $213 u lose something like $100"

The program activity was stopped just because of $213, but what about "the funds are invested into high growth securities on all major stock markets of the world"???
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 09:48 AM

July 29, 2009 | Wednesday

Fake Goldpoll's monitoring seal is situated on the RATE page of Ipo Trading HYIP.

Two days ago we marked this program as problematic because of pending withdrawals. The withdrawals still isn't processed. Be careful. This program doesn't pay.
[ reply ] [ 1 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 03:43 AM

July 28, 2009 | Tuesday

Two days ago the reason of pending withdrawals in Merchandies HYIP was called as a problem with the system. Today the program management has announced a new obstacle for withdrawals requests of profits.

Let me quote the email from Merchandies HYIP:

"Dear Valued Client,

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, As a registered company we are being asked by law to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account with us. So in order to continue using our service please submit a scan of the following documents until 3 Aug 2009 in your account. Please be informed Failure to provide requested Documents may be caused your account to be blocked permanently .

Please send us scan of two (2) items from list A and one (1) item from list B.

- Valid Passport
- Valid Driving Licence
- National Identify Card

- Utility bill ( Telephone , Gas , Electricity or Water Bill )
- Bank Statement

Please note that Documents must be clearly readable and legible , You also may be asked to send original ones if the scans are not acceptable ."

Such requirements were asked by Stoic's admin, but it was a trick to stop payments. Probably the admin of Merchandies HYIP will do the same.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 07:33 AM

July 27, 2009 | Monday

We received a complaint regarding a service of MoneyOrderWeb (e-currency exchanger). One their client used this webite to exchange Perfect Money to Liberty Reserve. He sent an amount, but the funds had not been converted. Their support doesn't reply.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 09:03 AM

July 24, 2009 | Friday

If you've got the folowing or any similar email, please don't run the attachment.

"Good day.
You have received an eCard

To pick up your eCard, open attached file

Your card will be aviailable for pick-up beginning for the next 30 days.
Please be sure to view your eCard before the days are up!

We hope you enjoy you eCard.

Thank You!"

The email contains the attached file - ecard.zip_aq
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 10:48 AM

July 23, 2009 | Thursday

The website of Assets Party HYIP has been moved to a new server, according to admin's report. Therefore the website can be inaccessible in some places during the next few hours.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 10:15 AM

The program management of Funds Energy HYIP doesn't pay or pays selectively to members. Also we've found fake banners on the RateUs page of this HYIP. This fact confirms a fraudulent activity of program's administration. Be careful!
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 07:05 AM

July 22, 2009 | Wednesday

Despite the fact that the website of LR doesn't show a stable work during the last 2 days, their team published the LR accounts of survey winners.

Lucky winners are: U0836176, U5600344, U2202520, U7522662, U2742603, U9812791, U2203681, U1409422, U0979387, U0490464.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 03:16 AM

July 21, 2009 | Tuesday

An interesting detail has been discovered in Naaz Corporation HYIP . After the withdrawal request is submitted the site doesn't return any information/confirmation about received request. And when you click to the "Withdraw Money" button, your account shows the funds as not requested. I've checked and requested the funds from different browsers during several attempts, but the result is the same - the system doesn't get my withdrawal request. Do you have the same problem?
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 06:36 AM

What we can say about a program whose admin uses fake, false program statistics such as a program status? Of course any deals with such HYIP must be avoided. This time fake banners have been discovered on the RateUs page of Golden Path Funds HYIP.

Be careful, this program is situated in our Blacklist.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 04:06 AM

July 20, 2009 | Monday - is the HYIP monitoring website, the management of this program has an interesting strategy. We received a complaint from Bakster's admin regarding one program that was called as a SCAM HYIP, the complaint also contains a request to investigate the program activity. But at the same time, the admin of Bakster monitor shows the "Paying" status for such programs as:

These programs offer not only an incredible income (like 20 000% After 1 minute), but these HYIPs also use FAKE LR SCI pages ( to steal private data of their members.

Be careful!
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 08:52 AM

40 years ago, NASA put a man on the moon. Neil Armstrong became the most famous man on the planet by taking a short walk off of it.

Apollo 11, the historic 8 day mission to the moon, which took place from July 16-24, 1969.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 01:44 AM

July 16, 2009 | Thursday

If your deposit isn't credited to your account in Aro Maker HYIP, please send an email to the program management (support[a] Don't forget to include the following information:

- your username;
- batch number of your investment;
- investment plan;

The deposit will be added manually.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 09:14 AM

July 15, 2009 | Wednesday

Probably you've already seen that the website of Trusty Fund HYIP becomes inaccessible from time to time. Here is admin's explanation of such situation:

"We have changed our server blacklotus because of black hat admin of blacklotus . please inform this subject to all in newsletter.

blacklotus is not safe.

And site is ok now . just setting up of showing deposits in accounts

[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 09:55 AM

July 14, 2009 | Tuesday

How to steer clear of money scams? How to identify scams and other schemes or what you can do? Google's team provide its recommendations on resolving of these questions. Click here to read the article.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 11:49 AM

July 13, 2009 | Monday

The program script of BriCs Forex HYIP can't process withdrawals through PerfectMoney payment system in case PM's account isn't setted with the capital letter "U" in member's profile. Please check and update your profiles.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 10:30 AM

Why Google Is Stealing Apple's Ideas? According to Forbes Magazine, the answer on this question is simple because they're good and Google has none of its own.

You can read the full article here.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 04:08 AM

July 10, 2009 | Friday

Somebody tries to promote via email a software which is being represented as a useful tool for a daily work with various payment systems. The email contains the attached file - Liberty-Keeper 1.0.rar

If you receive such email - please don't run the attachment. Visit this forum for more details.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 07:42 AM

Please ignore any offers from Absolute Money HYIP. The admin of this HYIP doesn't pay, but tries to promote the program by such inadmissible way as SPAM is. Furthermore he sends SPAM on behalf of our team, so we took a desicion to move the program to our BLACKLIST.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 05:54 AM

July 09, 2009 | Thursday

I wonder, why we monitor daily an activity of each HYIP and give them a rating, if some investors even don't check HYIP's status before investing?

I've got an email with an information about lost investments in Capitolia Profit Center HYIP and Fx Traders Bank HYIP, with a request to do an investigation. And I did. Both programs are situated in our Blacklist during 22 and 345 days accordingly, so the losses aren't so sudden.

If you can't visit our site daily - please use our ToolBar for immediate status's checking.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 09:55 AM

July 08, 2009 | Wednesday

We received a huge number of emails (SPAM) with the same content (an offer of a service) yesterday. Here is a copy of the received offer:

"Dear Admin

We are check your site nice design and very nice reliable investment plan.

our user name :

our libertyreserve a/c : U375795x

Why us choose us:

We are guaranteed working hard labour for promoting, posting and daily voting forums and monitors site. We are 3 friend working this site for daily voting, put paying comments.

Many of hyip admin choose us.

Our service is very cheap we are accept bonus monitor plan per vote cost is $0.02 atleast per day $0.20 our service charges, If you are paying daily $0.20 we dailying posting paying comments forums with voting your listed monitors site.

We are invite our monitors site for good advetisement your site.

We are active of TG, DTM, MMG with many more all famous forum sites.

We are accept bonus for all listing with text and mini bannner ad for free one month.


With regards



We hate such methods of site's/service's promotion and advise you to decline any deals with this group or any other SPAMmers.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 04:50 AM

July 06, 2009 | Monday

Somebody sent SPAM on behalf of our team with an offer to invest in Intrinsic Investment HYIP. Of course this is not from us.

Please never accept any offers that are being distributed by such methods, I mean - SPAM.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 02:38 PM

July 03, 2009 | Friday

Unauthorized modification of personal details/profiles has been discovered in Economy Fund HYIP. Please check your personal details before profits requesting.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 04:22 AM

July 02, 2009 | Thursday

Somebody sent emails on behalf GoldPoll with an attachment named “HYIP.zma”, with “Blacklist HYIP and monitorings” as the subject and the message:

"In the Internet there are many monitoring HYIP, who worked on the scam! We present you a new program, which is updated in real time! The program displays the monitoring problem and monitoring HYIP that deceive us !!!
Board version for testing free of charge"

If you received such email, be advised it is NOT from GoldPoll. Visit this forum for more details.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 08:54 AM

Few days ago the website of Xaga Enterprise HYIP became inaccessible. There were no any news/updates from the program administration within these days, but today we've received an email from the admin with a small explanation of current situation.

According to admin's report, their wesite was disconnected becasue somebody had sent SPAM on behalf of their program. Now they are trying to restore site's activity and probably their domain will be changed.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 07:24 AM

July 01, 2009 | Wednesday

Please don't deal with HYIP. This program doesn't pay but his admin tries to promote the program as good and stable HYIP.

Be careful! 24Proforex Trader is situated in our BlackList.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 11:11 AM

Yesterday was realized a new version of Mozilla FireFox Browser. If you use our ToolBar and you would like to update your FireFox browser - you also need to update the ToolBar for compatibility with the new version of the browser.
[ reply ] [ 0 comments ] | Posted by jeFF at 03:51 AM

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